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As an Author, you agree that the abstract of your conference paper, accepted for presentation, will be published in the post-conference materials and made available in the promotional materials on the Conference website after the Conference.

Moreover by submitting your abstract/article to the Ethics by Design: responsible development of technology in the ESG ecosystem conference, you confirm:

– the originality of the presentation and the non-infringement of any existing third party copyright;

– the non-use of unethical and illegal materials;

– adherence to integrity and ethics in the conduct of the research and presentation of the result;

– not to use AI systems in obtaining research results and, if so, you undertake to indicate to what extent they have been used.

By submitting your abstract submission to the Ethics by Design: responsible development of technology in the ESG ecosystem conference, you undertake to indemnify the Organiser against any claims arising from loss or damage resulting from your violation of the law.

Information regarding personal data processing:

1. The Controller of personal data is Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Instytut Organizacji i Zarządzania w Przemyśle „ORGMASZ” with its registered office in Warsaw (00-879) at ul. Żelazna 87, registered in the Register of the Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the numer 0000860814. The Controller can be contacted via e-mail at the address:
2. The Controller has appointed Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted via e-mail at the address:
3. Personal data will be processed for the purpose of fulfilling all activities related to the organisation of Ethics and Design online conference and registration of its participants, including broadcasting and posting a recording of the conference on a website ( and social media websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube), as well as posting Your abstract with your personal data on said website .
4. The legal basis for personal data processing is:
a) Point (b) of Article 6(1) of the GDPR (processing necessary for performance of an agreement resulting from participating in Ethics by Design Conference),
b) Point (f) of Article 6(1) of the GDPR (legitimate interest pursued by the controller, which is promoting the conference by broadcasting and posting a recording of it on the conference website – and social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, as well as posting Your abstract with Your personal data on said website).
5. The scope of personal data processed includes first name, last name, image and voice, e-mail address and information regarding scientific work presented during the conference. In regards to posting Your abstract on the conference website, the scope of personal data includes its contents, first and last name, name of represented entity and/or university.
6. The data subject has a right to request access to personal data from the controller and to rectification of data or restriction of processing, as well as right to request erasure of data.
7. Data subject also has a right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, which in Poland is the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych).
8. The provision of personal data is voluntary, however necessary for the participation in the conference. In case of not providing data, participation in the conference may not be possible. Provision of personal data processed on the basis of a consent is entirely voluntary, as well as a refusal to give such consent has no negative consequences.
9. Personal data may be disclosed to institiutions and entities authorised under applicable law, as well as to external entities providing services to the controllers based on contracts concluded with them, including social media websites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).
10.Personal data processed may be exceptionally, only to extent necessary, transferred to the controller’s partners processing that data outside of the European Economic Area, e.g. in relation to IT services provided to the controller, including cloud services. Security of personal data is ensured by appropriate safeguards, such as standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.
11.Personal data may be processed by automated means, however data will not be profiled, as well as no decisions will be made based on automated processing.
12.Personal data will be stored for the duration required to perform all action related to participation in the conference, and then for the period required by law, however not shorter than the time of limitations of claims.
13.Personal data was obtained from the data subject.