Directors of the Institute

dr Grzegorz Malinowski Acting Director, Deputy Director of Research and Development
Grzegorz Malinowski is an assistant professor at Kozminski University. He specializes in macroeconomics research. He has extensive experience working in industry: He has held a number of positions in banking, offered consulting services, worked in sales in a number of areas, and handled financial risk management in companies. He is a member of the TIGER center, which investigates the problems of economic development in the context of globalization.
Edyta Parafian 2
Edyta Masłowska-Parafian Deputy Director of Finance and Management
Masłowska-Parafian held the position of the Finance and Management Deputy Director of the Educational Research Institute (Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych). Among others, she also worked in the Ministry of Regional Development (Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego), where she spent 6 years organizing a system for management and funding of initiatives developed with EU funds. Her duties included managing and supervision of the biggest projects from the areas of education and environmental protection funded with EU resources.
Instytut Socjologii - fotAndrzej Romański (1)
dr hab. Michał Wróblewski Chief Research Specialist
Piotr Przymusiała R+D Consultant
Ewa Kawiak-Jawor
dr Ewa Kawiak-Jawor Senior Research Specialist
Joanna Suchomska Research Associate
Krzysztof Nedzynski 2
Krzysztof Nędzyński Senior Research Specialist
Jan Kowalczyk R&D Consultant
Ela Suprun2
Elżbieta Suprun Reorganisation Associate
Jolanta Rzęsista Area Lider - Administration and Organisation Department Manager
Katarzyna Król Area Lider - Chief Accountant
Zdjęcie-Bożena Goliszewska-Chojdak
Bożena Goliszewska-Chojdak HR and Payroll Specialist
Paweł Prusik2
Paweł Prusik Senior Purchasing Specialist
Aleksandra Białorudzka Senior Administration Specialist
Magdalena Kocikowska Administration Specialist
Grażyna Mikołajczyk Accounting Specialist
Foto Dorota Mancewicz2
Dorota Mancewicz Senior Administration Specialist