Responsible Research and Innovation Futures

·        Enriching the Knowledge Co-creation efforts (collaborative and contract research) with RRI approaches and practices

·        Mainstreaming Responsible Research and Innovation as a cross-cutting framework in Łukasiewicz Research Network

·        Developing tools and approaches to foster reflexivity, responsiveness, openness and anticipation in the research and innovation activity of Łukasiewicz Research Network and its partners

·        Supporting Łukasiewicz Research Network and its partners in addressing the challenges related to Public engagement, Science literacy and scientific education, Gender equality, Ethics, Open access and Innovation Governance.

·        Mobilising Lukasiewicz Research Groups to tackle Grand Societal Challenges, involve stakeholders in the research and innovation activity, reflect on the possible impact of new products and services on the environment and society, and build scenarios of products’ life cycle.

·        Enriching the research and development projects with relevant RRI perspectives.

Ł Nazarko (1)
Łukasz Nazarko, PhD Area Leader for Responsible Research and Innovation Futures at Łukasiewicz – Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation
He conducts research in foresight, Technology Assessment, responsible innovation, innovation policy, and smart specialization strategy. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics in international relations and from the European and Nordic Studies Programme at the University of Turku (Finland). He was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo in the framework of the Japan Foundation Fellowship Programme. He obtained his PhD degree cum laude from the University of Economics in Katowice for the thesis entitled “Role of foresight in shaping national innovation policy”. He has published ca. 70 scientific works and has participated in many national and international research projects. He has rich experience in the design and facilitation of the participatory foresight processes in private and public sector as well as in executive education. He serves as a deputy editor-in-chief of the Engineering Management in Production and Services (EMPAS) journal. He is a board member of the Polish Society for Technology Assessment.
Torsti Loikkanen
Scientific and Foresight Advisor at the Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation (CFI) of the Łukasiewicz Research Network in Poland. He worked as Principal Research Scientist in VTT Technical Research of Finland Ltd from 1987 until 2016, and since then in Sapar Oy/Ltd, a consulting company in industrial innovation, foresight, and innovation policy studies.