The Łukasiewicz Research Network –  Institute of Organisation and Management in Industry is undergoing reorganization and soon will be replaced by a new institute focused on technology assessment. The Institute for Technology Assessment will be operating as a part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network. We work with public institutions, private companies, as well as non-governmental organizations and provide them with expert knowledge about the effects of introducing new technologies. By doing so we wish to support citizens, public administration, and businesses in their decision making. We strive to limit risks and increase the benefits of technology development to society and the economy. Our aim is technological social responsibility.

We invite public institutions, private companies, and non-governmental organizations to develop together from scratch a new and unique research institution that combines research challenges with informal organization culture and a public mission as found in the best government institutions. Working with us gives you a chance to meet experts on new technologies and accomplish your research projects. We guarantee a friendly work environment, a chance to expand your network, inspiring coworkers, and a workspace in our office in Warsaw city center.

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Main Activities

Technology Assessment

The purpose of our research is to find opportunities and desirable paths for developing technologies, implementing innovations, and resolving social issues. We identify market gaps to help enhance economic growth in Poland. We also indicate the risks of adverse effects of the implementation of new technologies.

Socially Responsible Technology Development

Technological development brings advantages as well as risks to society. We create recommendations that are aimed at mitigating adverse social and economic effects of technological changes. We organize and carry out public consultations and social campaigns to engage stakeholders and society in a debate about the advantages and disadvantages of implementation of specific technologies.

Technology Foresight

Forecast and scenario planning of technological development helps in planning and decision making concerning almost all areas of social life, economy, and governing. Effective foresight helps our partners choose the best paths of technology development and prepare for future changes.